Oak Barn Vets Keyhole Surgery

Laparoscopy is key hole surgery using a camera to look inside the body.

We do this either to examine internal organs or to perform a procedure such as a biopsy or most commonly for spaying or removing abdominal testicles. In human surgery this has become the gold standard for abdominal surgery – thanks to the small holes required for the instruments, operations are quicker and recovery times are much shorter.

We are currently one of only a few practices in Surrey to offer Laparoscopy. We are very excited about the greatly improved scope of surgical procedures it means we can offer and the benefits it brings to your pets.


For some great videos showing laparoscopic procedures we recommend you visit

Why is Laparoscopy better for my pet?

  • Less post-operative pain (65% less in a recent study)
  • Smaller incisions – no external sutures or lampshade collars required!
  • Less tissue handling
  • Quicker healing and recovery times
  • Reduced infection risk
  • Reduced blood loss

Laparoscopy Referrals Form

pdf downloadDue to Covid-19 and reduced staffing levels, we’re currently unable to offer Referral Laparoscopy to clients who aren’t registered Oak Barn clients. We hope to be able to reintroduce this service soon.

Download our referrals form here.