Elbow disease

             Hot off the press!

Vetcompass and the RVC have undertaken disease surveillance examining the epidemiology of elbow pathology in the dog.

The results are rather interesting!

“Five breeds had increased odds of elbow joint disease compared with crossbred dogs:

Rottweiler (× 6.16)

Labrador Retriever (× 5.94)

German Shepherd Dog (x: 4.13)

Golden Retriever (× 3.11)

English Springer Spaniel (× 2.00)

Dogs that were heavier than their breed/sex had 2.00 times the odds of elbow joint disease. Aging, heavier bodyweight, being male, being neutered and being insured were also associated with increased odds”

For further details on this study please follow the link:


If you would like to discuss elbow disease and how it can be managed please contact our vet physio, Kerrie at Kerrie.oakley@oakbarnvets.com to find out more!