Oak Barn Vets

About Oak Barn Vets

Enjoy the peace of mind of always seeing the same familiar faces, you and your pets will become part of our family.  Set within a fully state of the art practice in a large spacious barn.  We aim to provide a non threatening, open plan but homely environment for your pets, combined with the most modern equipment and facilities in general practice.

We are proud to offer –

15 to 30 minute consultations with an experienced veterinary surgeon or nurse – allowing all the time you need to discuss your concerns and examine your pet.

Practice Standards Scheme, cat and rabbit accreditation – We have been rigorously assessed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, International Society of Feline Medicine and the Rabbit Welfare Council and are a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice.

Cat and Rabbit Only Areas – We appreciate that cats and rabbits can find visits to the vets a stressful experience, even more so than our canine friends (who are more easily bribable!). To minimise our feline friend’s stress we offer separate wards on different floors within the Barn.   We have been awarded the Silver Standard Award by the International Society of Feline Medicine and Silver Accreditation by the Rabbit Welfare Council.

Puppy Socialisation and Training – We are passionate about making a visit to the vets the nicest experience possible. All puppies have free monthly veterinary examinations to get them used to the experience of coming to the Vets.
On Saturdays we also hold complimentary puppy socialisation playgroups to help them learn confidence and how to play nicely with other dogs.

State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment – We pride ourselves on state of the art equipment that you would not find at many other veterinary practices in the area. This means we can often diagnose and treat your pet’s illness without needing to refer you elsewhere. This includes a full laboratory, digital x-ray imaging (general and dental), flexible endoscopy, laparoscopic equipment for keyhole surgery, digital tonometry (to allow full examination of the eye), ECG, ultrasound, blood pressure monitors, critical care incubator, electrosurgery and full anaesthetic monitoring equipment including capnography and pulse oximetery.

Focus on Preventative Healthcare – We pride ourselves in keeping your pet healthy and preventing disease with advice on vaccination, diets, good dental care, senior pet care and regular nurse clinics to pick up and treat any disease early.

Text and Email Reminder Services – We offer complimentary texts and emails to help you keep up to date with all you pets’ preventative healthcare needs as well as reminders for pre- booked appointments.

In House Specialist Referrals – We are lucky enough with our great facilities to be able to accommodate visiting specialists to see your pets at the Barn without the need to travel to an unfamiliar place with your pet. This includes a visiting Veterinary Physiotherapist who is at the surgery on Fridays.

In House Laboratory – We can perform routine blood, urine and dermatologic tests to allow for quick turn around of results. For more specialist laboratory tests we arrange samples to be couriered to an external lab twice daily during the week. This allows us to get results to you in a timely manner.

Pet Passports – Our vets are qualified as OV’s (Official Veterinarians) with the Government, allowing us to issue passports and certify your pet for travel. Working closely with Pet Export Companies out of Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, our staff have a wealth of experience in advising you on all aspects of travelling with your pet.

Vaccinations – We tailor our vaccination protocols in order to protect your pet from disease but to avoid giving excessive numbers of vaccinations to be kind to your pet’s immune system.

Longer Consulting Hours and Full Emergency Service – We are open from 8am to 7pm weekdays, offering appointments and house visits throughout the day.  In the unlikely event of an emergency there is provision for 24/7 cover.

Nurse Clinics – Our nurses are all highly trained and experienced and an excellent source of advice and education to help you care for your pets and pick up on any signs of disease early. They provide clinics for weight management, dental care, senior pet care, puppy and kitten care, firework phobia or behavioural issues as well as general clinics for claw clipping, anal gland expression or worming and flea advice and administration. They are always a great source of advice and most nurse clinics are free of charge.

Hospitalisation Wards and Isolation  – To reduce stress for your pet in the event they need to be hospitalised we have separate hospital wards on different floors in the Barn. They are all spacious, light and airy to minimise stress levels.  We use cat and dog pheromone sprays and diffusers to reduce stress as well as provide toys, blankets and beds to help your pet feel more at home. Our hospital also has air conditioning for the comfort of your pet.  We also have an isolation ward, to prevent our patients from being exposed to contagious disease.


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